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Jason Fun Utah's Funnest Magician
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Do you want to teach Magic Classes? Or are you a Magician or Entertainer and need coaching or advice in your "Show Business?"


Whether you want to teach magic classes with Utah Magic Academy, start your own magic classes, or you want to refine your magic routine, put together a magic show, need direction in performing, character/persona, costuming - or anything else, Jason is available to help you!

Jason is a full-time, professional magician. He has been perfoming magic for over 13 years and teaching magic classes for 8 years. He is also co-owner of the Towne Hub theater in American Fork and has seen and hired hundreds of shows.


He knows the type of shows that people like and that sell tickets. Jason also attends several trainings including yearly trainings in Las Vegas and other yearly trainings where he is trained and consulted by celebrity magicians and the BEST educators and entertainers in the magic community. 

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Magicians and entertainers! Jason is available to coach your routine, your act, develop your character, help you in marketing & branding, or all of the above! We can consult via Zoom or in person! You choose where. We can even have your consult session at the Towne Hub theater in American Fork. Consult sessions are $35 per hour. Before your consult session, Jason will ask you a series of questions to better understand your wants and needs. Jason will also want to see your show or routine and he will give you great ideas, tips & tricks to better your performance and your business. 


We are expanding our Magic Explorers magic classes. Magic Explorers is a magic curriculum for kids ages 5-7 years old. Whether you want to teach at one of our locations or if you want to start your own classes, we can train you on how to best utilize the MAPs for the Magic Explorers program! No magic experience required!


Jason is a lisenced presenter of the Discover Magic program. We are always looking for new locations to bring our Discover Magic classes and our famous Wizard Boot Camp summer magic camps. If you are interested in becoming an official magic teacher with Utah Magic Academy or even if you are interested in becoming a lisenced presenter in your area, send us a message! No magic experience required!

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