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Jason Fun Utah's Funnest Magician and teacher

Jason Fun is Utah's Funnest Magician! He is a full-time, award-winning magician & entertainer, and has performed in 3 different countries & has been featured on local TV several times!

Jason and his wife, Marcela, saw the positive impact that learning and performing magic had on their children. That is why they started teaching magic classes since 2015 through the internationally recognized Discover Magic program. Over the years, their magic school has evolved to what is now Utah Magic Academy and they have created an award-winning program that Utah kids and parents LOVE! 


Our Instructors

Frank Bright Utah Magic Academy Teacher

Frank Bright

With a career spanning nearly 20 years, Frank has finely honed his skills in the art of mentalism, mind reading, and magic.


He has performed in a variety of venues including everything from children's shows to full on stage productions. He looks forward to being able to mentor and pass on his years of experience to the next generation of young magicians with Utah Magic Academy.

To learn more about Frank and his magic shows, visit:

Frank Bright magic teacher with Utah Magic Academy
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